What is Microsoft Teams – Part 3

What is this Teams thing people keep talking about?

Welcome to Part Three of this series where we’ll discuss how meetings look now, introduce you to ‘persistent meetings’ and share the roadmap information just released from Microsoft.

Part Three of Three


Need more than one person in the discussion, start a meeting in Chat or schedule it in your channel so the people you need are right there to cover the topic and get work done. The meeting allows you to share slides, screens, voice, video and just about anything else you would expect to need in a group conversation.

Meetings as a Persistent Artifact

The other interesting thing that is very different about Team meetings (as opposed to Skype) is that the meeting stays around in your activity feed much like the persistent chat. If you attend a meeting, you can refer back to the content that is shared, the text chat that was going back and forth and if the meeting was recorded, the recording will also be available there.

if you missed a staff meeting, you can catch up later when you have time and not miss a step.

Chat to a Bot?

Yep, there are a lot of helpful little Bots running around in Teams to make your world simpler. You can find Bots by simply going into a chat and finding the one that does what you want to do.

There is a Bot to help you learn how to use Teams, which is a great way to find what you’re looking for when you need it.

You can use the Kayak Bot to find your last-minute travel arrangements.

There are Bots for all sorts of things which you can find simply by click on “Discover Bots” in chat. A few examples include SurveyMonkey, StubHub (sports tickets), AzureBot, BackTrack (package tracking), Bizzy (using Microsoft Flow), Adobe Creative Cloud and plenty more.

Can’t find the Bot you need?

Build your own Bot and just like the tabs, you can create your own to meet the need as you customize Teams for your own organization.

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You have completed part three of this series but have you read the first two parts?


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